Fox Business Reports on Housing Market

On Dec. 31, 2013, Fox Business aired a report on the current housing markets.

They reported that the Housing prices rose .2% in the month of October.

While this is not a huge number, the details for the year are much more promising.

In 2013, the Housing Market showed the Strongest Annualized gain in 7 years.

A significant number because it marked a 13.6% gain.   The largest year over year

gain since February of 2006.

But, they reported, don't be looking for another housing "bubble".

David Blitzer of the S & P Dow Indexes says that the monthly numbers are showing

a slowing in this little boom and it is fading.

David Blitzer further projects that, next year will see single digit growth.

The key questions out there is "What is the Fed going to do"?

Watch the 2 minute report from Fox Business.

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