How to Know You’ve Found the Right Mecosta County Home Inspector

How to Know You’ve Found the Right Mecosta County Home Inspector


The importance of hiring a reliable home inspection is one of the bedrock principles every home buyer reads and hears about from all quarters. ­ Any Realtor® worthy of the name will be able to recommend a Mecosta County ­home inspector with the kind of strong credentials that establish the validity of his or her report — it’s part of the full service a real estate professional brings to the process of buying a home.

­Home inspection in the Right Mecosta County Home InspectorThe object of the inspection is, of course, to prevent the unexpected: repair bills that might otherwise go undetected until after the purchase. ­ ­A good inspector finds problems before you close on a property. ­ Although a home inspector’s fee may require an investment of a few hundred dollars, it’s certainly better than spending tens of thousands down the road.

A thorough inspection and the report that follows are what you are looking for — what earns a new home buyer peace of mind. ­ And choosing the right candidate isn’t difficult, as long as you are willing to follow a few common sense procedures. ­ ­For instance, the written inspection report is an important part of the process, yet some inspectors wind up sending only a checklist. ­ The best ones accompany that with their more detailed written observations. ­ Before you commit, ask the candidate if you can see a sample of the kind of report that will be prepared.

It’s a very good idea for you to be present when the inspection is made — it’s a one-time chance to see for yourself some of the workings of the property from a professional’s point of view. ­ A good inspector may suggest it… ­and certainly will not object when you invite yourself to the party. ­ If he or she objects, my advice is to find someone else.

As with any other expert, check the candidate’s reputation online. ­ The Better Business Bureau website, Angie’s List, Yelp, and all the other websites that post continuing reviews of professional service providers can supply good feedback. ­ But again, be thorough: watch out for ‘paid’ ratings; check more than one source; and if a complaint is registered, be sure to bring it up when interviewing an otherwise-qualified candidate.

Home inspectors who are strongly tied to the Mecosta County ­business community, or who are involved in national-level home inspector organizations, have their reputations on the line with every inspection. ­ These inspectors may provide higher quality service than others, and although choosing a leading Mecosta County ­home inspector may wind up costing a few dollars more, when you’re about to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in a home, paying a bit extra is usually money well spent.

Whenever my clients ask for advice in choosing a home inspector in Mecosta County, ­I supply a choice of several, along with what I have heard from other clients who have used them recently. ­ It’s part of the service I’m pleased to offer — and another good reason to give me a call!

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