Over the years…

Over the years, I have had many “jobs”. 


I have even had a couple of careers. 


I seem to have found some way to enjoy, literally, every job I had.  They didn’t bring about riches or fame, mind you, but I somehow managed to find a satisfaction in producing something of value to someone.  Is that good or insane?  I really don’t have any clue if being pleased with providing something of value to others is insane or not. 


I guess it really doesn’t matter how insane I may be, I am working now as a Realtor because I enjoy being able to provide something of value to my clients. 


Next week I will be closing on a new home for an extremely nice young family.  The pleasure it gave me to be able to help them find the home of their dreams and a really good price is actually immeasurable.  Their cooperation with meeting the volumes of paperwork requirements and their patience with the time it takes to complete the sale and make the close happen gives me great hope for our country’s future.


So, where am I headed here?


As a relatively new Realtor, working on a part time basis and staying out of trouble, I am beginning to wonder if I should not have taken this business up sooner.  Yes, there was a Real Estate disaster back in 2008 and 2009, but that is coming back strong right now.


While the foreclosure activity has dramatically reduced, the mortgage applications are steadily increasing.  And, with a limited amount of homes available on the market and home prices increasing, it seems that it is slowly becoming a “seller’s market”.  There are even some who believe the economic recovery is being powered by the housing market.

If you are thinking of selling or buying, or you may know of someone who is considering either, you may contact me in any of the ways below. 


I will provide you the help and assistance you need to make your move as painless as I possibly can.


Terry Reeves

231-250-2101 - cell

231-796-5823 - office



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