Sales are UP!

Sales are up!

Sales are up in the housing industry.  This according to recent reports from various sources.  

Recently, I have been racking my mind over what to report to those who like my blog and watch my posts.  

My wife and I took a little trip to Costa Rica and, believe it or not, I found a Coldwell Banker office as we entered Coco Beach, Costa Rica.  While I was aware that there are offices down there, I felt particularly proud to see one of OUR offices so far away.  We truly do have a world wide reach.

That aside from my "Sales are Up!" title, I have been watching news articles about what is happening in our industry.  This recent post on "Fox Business" is a good example of some of the news I have found.

Drew Matus, of UBS, had some positive statements to make about the current outlook for the housing market.  He suggests that we keep an eye on the employment report in order to get a feeling on where the country is going.  

All of this is really nice to see and it can give people some indications of where the real estate market it headed.  I work, primarily, in West Central Michigan.  

While the world continues to move and the United States works to bring itself out of the dull-drums, here in Michigan we find ourselves very busy.  

Listings are coming in at a magnificent rate and the prices are showing a recovery.  No, the prices are not at "pre-crash" prices, but they are up from 5 to 12 and 15 percent over last year. This shows significant improvement.  

I have listed two separate properties in the past week that are hunter's magnets.  Both properties offer several acres of wooded attraction and they are attached to large quantities of State owned Forest.  The State property is literally free acreage for hunters.

We have people that are looking for lake frontage.  Some are interested in buying a home that is ready to move in; while others are looking for vacant lots to build on.  

Again, the prices are somewhat depressed, yet showing improvement.  Where people were under water last year, they are now finding themselves able to sell their property without bring some of their cash to the closing.

Sales are up...

If you're in the market for vacant land, a home to move into, a hunting cabin or even a new business property, we have it listed.  

I stand proud to work with the people at Coldwell Banker Schmidt.

Terry Reeves


ps.  Be sure to watch the week ahead.

Call me, I can help you anywhere in the United States.  I may not be able to help you myself, but I can help to find you a well qualified agent.

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