Sales of Acres in Mecosta County, Mi. are happening…

Sales of Acres in Mecosta County, Mi. are happening…

Acreage in Mecosta County, Mi. is selling at a steady rate in 2012 and 2013.  In the calendar year of 2012, there were 39 sales of 5 or more acres in Mecosta County, Mi. sold.  During that same period, there were 53 listings that expired without a sale.  So far, for 2013, there are 33 sales of 5 or more Acres in Mecosta County, Mi. And, during the same period, 46 listings expired without a sale.


The above statistics indicate that the market remains consistent with approximately 42% of the listings selling.  This “buyer’s market” is making it possible for owners to sell quickly when they list their property at a competitive price. 


It is believed that this steady sales rate demonstrates a slow recovery that has been seen throughout the Real Estate Market in the Mecosta County area.  Many of the sales of 5 or more Acres in Mecosta County, Mi. are related to the hunting and sporting industry. 


Often, hunters will search for property, no matter how small, that is adjacent to State owned property.  This provides the hunter with a vastly expanded hunting area and an advantage over hunting in a “property bound” area of 20 or 40 acres.  In addition, the property that is adjacent to the State owned land seems to be fetching a slightly higher price.  There seems to be an ample supply of acres in Mecosta County, Mi. that is attached to State owned property.


Simply said, it behooves a seller to consult with a Real Estate Professional that will perform the “due diligence” and develop a quality “Comparative Market Analysis” before listing the property.  Being detailed about the competition and the feel of the market will make a significant difference to a prospective buyer.  After all, getting a seller’s property in front of a prospective buyer, and making him interested, is the job of a good Realtor.


Some might consider using “unusual” techniques for marketing.  For example, the owner may want to place a “trail camera” and capture some actual footage of the local game.


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