Skeletons in Your Big Rapids House for Sale’s Closet? Fear Not!

Skeletons in Your Big Rapids House for Sale’s Closet­­...­Fear Not!­

Would you buy a house where someone died­­­­­... ­­­­­­Would it make a difference if the death was peaceful or…otherwise­­­­­­­­...

You might never have considered such questions, but the answers can become a serious issue for a Big Rapids ­house for sale — especially if it has a history that could be right out of a CSI episode. ­And what if you are the owner of a Big Rapids­ house for sale with this kind of issue. ­ ­It may be labeled as stigmatized­— the unpleasant term that can attach to a house for sale which buyers or tenants may shun for reasons Haunted House in Skeletons in Your Big Rapids Houseunrelated to its physical condition.

It’s a good thing that the list of potentially disturbing events isn’t a long one: death; murder; suicide; scary illness; being haunted (rather, the belief that it’s haunted — let’s not get into that discussion!). ­ An owner might have known of a sketchy history when he or she purchased the property, or perhaps found out later on. ­The information may not have made a difference before, but it could impact the number of prospects who will make offers on a house for salein Big Rapids­ (or anywhere, for that matter). ­ What to do­­

Selling for the Right Price

What of happenings that are simply gruesome­ ­Another property in California's Bay Area had a grisly past involving drugs, murder and other heinous activities. ­This was a stylish home in an affluent neighborhood which sat empty while other comparable homes for sale came and went. ­Then one day a young businesswoman made an offer well below the asking price. ­The bank that owned the property had a list price of $335,000, already below values in the area. ­After negotiation, the buyer bought the home for $261,000. ­She saw past the horrific story to the potential that it offered to someone not affected by the drama of days gone by. ­And probably counted on the fact that her remodeling efforts — plus the many years she planned on living there — would make future buyers much less likely to worry about what would gradually turn into a distant past.

Telling the Right Story

One otherwise quaint home in a western small town was widely reputed to host paranormal activity. ­The Casper the friendly ghost in Skeletons in your Big Rapids housestories of what previous owners had faced from ghosts of the past were widespread enough that even non-believers might think twice about taking it on. ­For some properties, it is just a matter of putting the right spin on the story. ­Events that took place decades ago often bring allure to a property — while more recent activities may cause buyers to hesitate. ­The Realtor® took the ‘problem’ head-on by making the most of it, figuring that a good ghost story could add to the appeal if it was marketed correctly. ­It sold at a premium.


The takeaway: if you have a Big Rapids ­house for sale that’s connected to a sad, tragic or paranormal history, don't assume the worst. Some ‘stigmas’ may mean a sale takes more careful handling (but that’s just one more reason why a call to my office is a good first step). ­With the right story and the right price, you’re pretty certain to find the right buyer — one who either overlooks the past, or is fascinated by it!­

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