The DCS Formula for Selling Your Home

          When selling your Mecosta County home, you will want to consider the steps you need to take in order to make that sale as quickly as possible.  While there are file drawers full of so-called "tricks of the trade" ideas for selling a home fast, there are actually three basic things that sellers can do that will greatly improve the possibility of a faster sale.

De-Clutter -

          De-cluttering your home can be a major task for some.  Begin with the bedrooms and closets.  Remove unused items from your closet and either donate them or place them in storage.  Clean out the kitchen pots and pans that don't get used.  Put away all of the old games and toys.  Straighten up the garage, hang up the yard tools and put away the tools lying on the bench.  Simplify the pictures on the wall and fill the holes left from the hangers.  (Painting some rooms, may be worth considering)  Personal - prized possessions might be better off if tucked safely away.

Clean -

          A serious cleaning of the entire home can be a valuable investment for when prospective buyers walk through.  If the home is clean, they will see the impression that you have always kept your home neat, clean and very warm.  Do not forget that cleaning carpets is in order.  Clean and wax floors is always a good idea.  Be detailed with the shelving and be careful of the volume of knick-knacks that you present.  Remember the kitchen appliances and the laundry room. (keep the soap put away in a cabinet or on a shelf) A well-organized basement with items neatly stored in bins will impress any prospective buyer.  The outside of your home may need to shine.  At times, simple cleaning products like "30 Seconds" can work wonders on the trim, shutters and siding.  Don't forget the paint... sometimes it becomes an excellent investment when you paint the walls neutral colors.  

Stage -

          Bringing in some extra furniture for staging is probably not what everyone should do.  However, by carefully placing furniture and decorating with flowers, you can present a pleasant, inviting living room where someone could enjoy and relax as they watched their favorite evening situation comedy on TV.  Consider simple things like being sure the bed is always made and the clothes are put away.  Put yourself in the place of a buyer.   Stand back and look at your home with the idea of what is needed to simplify the home and, even more importantly, would you be impressed with what you see if it were someone else's home?

          As said before, there are file drawers full of suggestions of things that can be done to influence the sale of your home.  Of course I have a convenient list of things you can do to help sell your home.  You can contact me by completing the "contact me" form on this page or simply call!


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