Less is Sometimes More: A Tip to Selling Your Home

We've all heard it before; less is more. And when it comes to selling your home in a timely manner, this saying could not ring more true - to an extent.

Whether you've lived in your home for one month or thirty years, we have a tendency to collect stuff. Before marketing your home, think about ridding your home of those items deemed unnecessary. In the name of de-cluttering and eventually moving, pack away those items you want to keep but do not need on a daily basis. While doing this, think about how each room will appear in a photo and what items could distract buyers from focusing on the home itself.

Furniture and accessories throughout your home, however, help lead buyers room to room and make a space feel inviting. This being said, use caution when purging and packing - you do not want to leave your home feeling cold and sterile.

So, less IS more.... more or less.

For more helpful tips, expert advice, home staging, and/or renovation help and ideas, please contact Dana Roesler, owner of Rooms with a View, too... By doing so, you will surely set yourself up for success when preparing your home for resale.

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