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    Keep it local TC! Growing up, I used to always shop cheap and quick.  I was fortunate to have worked with someone who taught me the value of spending a little bit more for something of better quality, which in return lasts longer.   In college, taking business classes, I was assigned to read a bunch of articles on how shopping at big corporations, like Walmart, are really hurting our economy. The crazy low return given back to the particular area they’re located in, and by having their products made cheap out of country, takes jobs away from the US, and forces smaller business to struggle or even shut down. I could list a bunch more of the reasons but I don’t really think you all feel like reading a novel.  

    Time Magazine even said that something as simple as buying at a farmers’ market, opposed to a supermarket, gives back to the economy twice as much. So whether it be your local farmers’ market, local beer, music, retail stores, or restaurants support local in every which way and know that you are helping get our economy back on track. You might just be surprised with the better quality and how you feel afterwards.  

    We live in one of the most beautiful areas in the world, why wouldn’t we want to help our area thrive.  Here is a good article on keeping things local  ,8599,1903632,00.html

    My name is Weston Buchan, I am a Realtor with Coldwell Banker Schmidt Realtors, if you or anyone you know has any real estate needs click the picture below for my website. 


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