Surfing Northern Michigan

Surfing Northern Michigan, I've learned the astounding number of people who believe it physically impossible for people to surf in the Great Lakes. Working at the "Sleeping Bear Surf & Kayak" shop in Empire, MI for six years, I could have tallied the hundreds of tourists who came in yearly, looked at the surf boards, and laughed while stating "you can't really surf in Lake Michigan." Well for those nay sayers, YES you sure can, and it's starting to catch on up here. One of the greatest advantages of fresh water surfing in northern Michigan is that it's only a short drive to several different beaches with different breaks and different surfable wind directions;  really the only wind direction we can't surf is East.  Frankfort is popular when it’s a South or Southwest wind, Empire if the wind is from the West, and Leland if there’s a North wind, and any of the beaches in between. It’s also hard to overlook that fact that we don’t have to worry about things like sharks and coral reef.

       I have been surfing for 7 years now, and have surfed in the Atlantic and the Pacific oceans, as well as the Caribbean. Even though each place is different, if there is one thing I’ve learned, it’s that surfing is surfing! No matter where you do it, surfing is fun!  It is a fact that our most consistent waves come in the fall, and as soon as one gains this knowledge I almost always get the same question, “Well then isn’t the water freezing?”  Lake Michigan is a huge body of water

and it takes all summer to warm up, it doesn’t cool down as fast as the air does with the season change. The air might be brisk but the water stays fairly warm, nothing a 4.3 millimeter wetsuit can’t handle.

I share this message to spread more knowledge and clarity, and to proclaim that it’s a great and welcoming atmosphere to surf around here.  So I dare you all to get out there and try the so called “impossible.”    For anyone looking to move up to this area, or who lives in this area and wants to relocate or sell their home, I was born and raised in this area and would be happy to help with any and all of your real estate needs.

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