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Did you know that you get employee discounts thru the Coldwell Banker Business Advantage Program?

The Coldwell Banker Business Advantage has found the best companies to help you improve your bottom line. They have over 80 companies that offer discounts; allowing you to save money on everything from your cell phone service to rental cars and hotels! Take advantage of these options today to help you better manage your business!


Do you have Sprint, AT&T, or Verizon Wireless? You can save up to 20% off your monthly cell phone bill!

Some of these discounts also apply to your clients! You can use this to your advantage when going on a listing presentation!

Questions? Contact your office Admin or feel free to email me at

Search Coldwell Banker Works for Business Advantage to find out sign up information or you can also find information on the consumer side of the Business Advantage Program here, or the agent side of the Business Advantage Program here.

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