Fremont High School Named in Top 10 Techiest High Schools in America

After first being proposed in 2004, students finally got to set foot inside this brand new, $40 million building on Sept. 4, 2012. We’re guessing it was worth the wait.

 It’s got the smartboards, high-tech science labs, and open design that are now par for the course on the latest schools, but it pushes the tech envelope with innovations like the "MediaScape room". Here students work in pods around giant screens for collaborative video and Internet learning or teleconferencing. The agribusiness lab is fitting for the surrounding farming community.

Even the construction of the building is techie, with its efficient energy system that includes geothermal wells for cooling, heating, and melting snow on the sidewalks and copious windows for providing natural light.  Click Here to read the complete article.

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