Gotta Love Those Pole Barns

A recent Daily Real Estate News article View the Top Home Features By State discussed the home features that buyers across the country are looking for, along with the features which used to be popular – such as whirlpool tubs – and no longer are.   The popularity of features varies greatly by state.

 For instance, the study found that wet bars are very popular in Kansas, and RV parking is big in Idaho.   Not surprising at all to me is the popularity of pole barns in Michigan. According to the article, “In Michigan, the pole barns are popular – barns that use large poles to provide vertical structural support and are known as being cheap to build. Five percent of Michigan listings say they include a pole barn.”

The 5% number seemed low to me, knowing the popularity of pole barns in my area, so I did some research and found that in Newaygo County, 16% of homes sold within the last year, or currently on the market come with  pole barns.

I’ve been in a lot of pole barns in my 20+ years as a Realtor. Big ones – big enough for horseback riding arenas or 18 wheeler storage, and small ones – just enough room for the garden tractor, trail bikes, and a few rakes & shovels.  I’ve see man caves and oil change pits in pole barns.  I’ve even seen a hot tub in a pole barn.

That’s right.  You might be from Michigan if you have a hot tub in your pole barn!

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