Home Market Value

   Websites like Zillow.com claim to provide estimates of what your home is worth, and while this estimate might be somewhat accurate, the only way to get a true assessment of the value of your home is to have an appraisal done by a certified third-party professional.  There are some situations where an appraisal is mandated, such as when you are buying or selling a home, refinancing or applying for a loan using real estate as security. The  appraiser's assessment of your home and the surrounding area is a fine tuned report compared to  what you get from a website. 

    You can also get a feel for the market in your neighborhood from an experienced professional Realtor.  The Realtor can offer ideas you can use to make your home more saleable and achieve a quicker sale.  A realtor is also you best help in negotiating  for you as your representative.

Craig Sanborn Realtor

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