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The Postcard: Old Reliable Still Works!

In these days when your inbox may feature more bills than your mailbox does, the postcard is still an effective marketing tool because it may stay with the receiver longer than a quickly deleted email.

Why are postcards highly effective?

1. They’re Affordable – Using postcards to repeat contact with prospects is key to branding your identity, and gaining your prospects trust. You want buyers and sellers to always think of you first when they’re ready to make a real estate deal. A series of real estate marketing post cards will do just that for you at a very affordable rate compared to other mediums.

2. It’s simple! – It takes little time to reach thousands of prospects via real estate post card marketing thanks to your regional marketing team offering customized postcard marketing solutions.

Use just listed postcards and just sold postcards to announce your most recent sale or listing! Actions speak louder then words! Even if your listing never sells due to your postcards you’ll be surprised how many leads you can generate with this technique!

Here is an example of how a Holland agent pulled Home Value Statistics directly from SWMRIC to identify a positive market trend in her area. This data will be used on her neighborhood farm postcard to express what a great time it is to list. There are TONS of statistics available through the MLS system that can be used on your next postcard!

Sample Postcard

If you are interested in creating your own customized postcard marketing piece please get in contact with your Regional Marketing Team or Local Office Administrator.

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