Traverse City Real Estate Sales Stay Steady!!!

It's all good.  The number of residential units sold in Traverse City seems to be stable over the last three months.  According the Traverse City MLS stats (via TAAR MLS),  there has only been a slight decline in units each month of March, April and May.  See graph below for details:

The raw stats are as follows:  March of 2008 there were 70 residential sales compared with 78 in March of 2009.  This is only off by 9%.  April of 2008 there were 81 residential sales compared with 79 in 2009 which represents a difference of only 2%.  Finally May 2008 there were 104 closed residential units compared with 88 in the same month of 2009 which represents a 15% difference.  Many prognosticators were expecting a 20-25% decrease in units compared with 2008.  So things are looking much better than expected in the Traverse City Real Estate sales arena.

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