As a real estate agent the most economical marketing strategy is having a strong social media presence. Twitter is second only to Facebook in helping you grow your sphere of influence online. Twitter helps create visibility for you and your business, and also helps establish you as a credible local real estate expert.  

While Tweeting you want to personalize your “OFFLINE” brand – the person your customers would encounter at the supermarket.  List the qualities that make you a great agent, offer your expertise on the market, and list your likes and interests. What makes you unique as a REALTOR®? You need to present yourself as someone customers would like to do business with before ever meeting you in person. 

Do you have a niche? Luxury Homes? Working with FHA? Vacant Land? Make sure your posts appeal to your target audience.   Plan to use newsworthy information pertaining to Real Estate or your company at least 75% of the time, and the other 25% should be focused on Sales Messages about yourself.   People love content, so post a few times a day. (You can schedule your posts with a program like hootsuite)

Keep in mind that you should keep this professional, remember search engines love SOCIAL MEDIA, and pick up everything that you post.

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