Understanding the Impact

It's a challenge to get a grasp on what's going on between Washington and New York, and how it is affecting our markets.  Still more difficult is the task of predicting and tracking what works.  I came across three articles on Inman News today that made it to my del.icio.us list because they improved my understanding of the current situation.

First this article on the Fannie-Freddie Rescue.  Debate it all you'd like, this action was essential.

Next, an analysis of the debate surrounding the proposed Treasury buy up of bad loans, including some speculation of what it could be, and how the program and the properties might be managed.

Third, Federal actions lead to housing hesitation takes a look a what impact all of this is having on buyers right now.

It seems for a long time, we've had every bit of good news stifled by a share of bad news or drama, supporting an atmosphere of uncertainty that has kept some buyers on the fence.  I am hopeful that these bold moves will help to break up this hesitancy and move us out of deadlock.  There are incredible values available in our markets, and likely in many others as well. 

The buyers I'm working with are making great deals, and I believe will be some of the biggest winners when the market regains its footing... WHICH IT WILL DO!  Those that act soon will take advantage as well.  Those who wait until the market rebounds will pay higher prices, but still do well.  So long as buyers are making wise financial decisions, based on need, and recognize they are making a long term investment, this is a great time to buy.

Where do I find the guts to say this?  That will be the topic of my next post...(how's that for a teaser?)

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